By Luis G. Dato

The wings of song would carry me
To worlds which the sad soul beguile,
But I turn to the melody
Of earth that sings within your smile.

Dance is a wine that warms the heart,
That from the past a Paradise
Long lost recalls from it I part
To see what lurks in your dark eyes.

I look, dear one, upon your face,
That oft at night illumed my dreams,
So tender and so full of grace
And then dull earth a Heaven seems.

I could compare you to a star,
Or your face liken to a petal,
But sparkling stars are cold and far,
Your lips, what rose be half as subtle?

But dreams are dreams, Time flies, is flown,
The curtain drops, the guests depart,
Your way you go, and I my own,
How like the grave then is my heart!

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