By Luis G. Dato

I met and then forgot her
With unremembered things,
And thoughts if love could utter
Once more its murmurings,
Another one, and not her,
Could wake the muted strings.

The years had passed long after
That sweet romance and free,
Kind years that seemed to waft her
From painful memory,
For she brought tears and laughter
And sorrow, too, for me.

I thought the pain and yearning
Had gone away from mind,
And cold the bosom burning
With passion unresigned,
Till I saw her returning
With Love and Spring behind.

Luis Dato
Luis Dato

Luis G. Dato (July 4, 1906 - January 29, 1985) was a poet, writer and educator from Sta. Cruz, Baao, Camarines Sur. He published books in English including Manila A Collection of verse (1926), My Book of Verses (1936) and the Land of Mai in 1975. He also wrote several books and text in Bikol such as, Vocabulario Bikol-Ingles-Kastila (1963), Cantahon na Bikol (1969), Morfologia kan Tataramon na Bikol (serialized in Naga Times), Patotodon sa Bikol (Bikol Mail) and Sarabihon sa Bikol.

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