Luis G. Dato on the Bikolnon Biography Series of the Ateneo de Naga University Press

By Stephen Cenon D. Talla

Dato Cover BBS 3 Luis G. Dato on the Bikolnon Biography Series of the Ateneo de Naga University Press
The new cover layout of the ADNU Press Bikolnon Biography series. Luis G. Dato short biography to be launched November 2020

July 4th 2020 is the 114th birth anniversary of the poet and Bikolista Luis G. Dato. Ateneo de Naga University Press announced the new cover design of the Bikolnon Biography Series. Among the first featured Bikolanos in the project is the poet, writer, and politician Luis G. Dato.

Luis G. Dato was born in Baao, Camarines Sur. He is one of the first romance poets in English of the early 20th century in the Philippines. He was also a member of the bikol press.

The new series will be edited by Tito Genova Valiente. Cover art and book design by Ryan Cuatrona. The Dato issue will be written by this author. Printed on the back cover,

But, if we are to listen to the lyre of memories of Stephen Cenon Dato Talla, his beloved albeit self-appointed family biographer, Luis G. Dato was a sweet man. Already old, Lolo Luis, recalls the grandson, was always watching out of the window into the town or to the horizon. In that age, a man who swooned over the past must be a madman. Thus, to the town’s fondest remembrances come attached the recollection of a person whose mind was oddly beautiful because it was all brave heart when aging demanded a surrender to life. We know, however, that only a mind that is extraordinary can sing to the universe the lines that say:

Come with me, love, you are too old for crying,
The church bells ring and I hear drops of rain.

Bikolnon Biography Series Luis G. Dato 2020

Among the Bikolanos that will be featured in this new project are Patricio Janer, Sali Imperial Sr., the Cecilio Press, Ma Lilia Realubit, Teotimo Pacis, CM, Juan Triviño, and Mariano Perfecto.

Copies of the Luis G. Dato Bikolnon Biography book can now be pre-ordered by contacting the Ateneo de Naga University Press email: [email protected] or their facebook page. The book will be available this November 2020.

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Stephen Cenon
Stephen Cenon

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