My Philippines

(Words for our National Anthem)

by Luis G. Dato

Land of the thunder
Torn into isles asunder
Where winds beat under
Heaven’s blue-vaulted skies,
Land where the Malays
Reared the Oriental palace
By sweeping valleys
Where the blue mountains rise.

Land of the ocean,
We in the war’s commotion
With one emotion
Build the beloved home.
Country of sorrow
Where waves your flag, we follow
Hoping with morrow,
Glory for you may come.

For your defense your sons will stand
As once their loved forefathers stood,
Pledge unto you their loyal heart and hand
And for you shed their blood.
Onward will march while yet the wave
And wind reecho by your shore.
Forward to battle ride your soldiers brave
O country we adore.

Land of the thunder where the blue volcanoes rise
In your embrace we find our home.
Then when the clarions cease, the sounding bugle dies.
Bringing you glory we shall come.

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