Outside my Window

Belittle me, my world, my ornament,
My universe, unparallel of wonder,
My world devoid of surprise and lament,
My earthly ruin, and spirit, break asunder.

As the world revolve, my weary mind evolve
To something casual, as fragile as glass,
Breaking into multitudes of dove,
Fleeing free from this chain of life of crass.

Where is the center? Where do we start?
Is it within me or outside my window?
Where does this lead to, when we break our part?
Do we stay still, chill comes on the morrow?

Indulge me, my world, my life, and my light,
Before darkness engulf my blurry sight,
And my ancestors’ spirits twine around mine,
Be my guide, light in the night; be my line.

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