Pensive mood of LUIS G. DATO

A Baaeño Poet musings on Love and Life

Filipino Poet, Writer, Educator and Politician

luis g. dato filipino poet
Luis G. Dato, Filipino poet

Luis G. Dato (pseudonym ISAROG) was a Bikolano Poet, writer, educator and politician from Baao, Camarines Sur, Philippines. He is one of the first generation Filipino poets in English of the 20th century and the author of “The Spouse, “Malolos”, “Day on the Farm”, “Among the Hills,” etc.

His works are anthologized in several published books, such as the Filipino Poetry by Rodolfo Dato 1924; Philippine Prose and Poetry, Jose Garcia Villa 1949; German-English Anthology of Filipino Poets, Pablo Laslo 1934, Readings in Philippine Literature, Celedonio G. Aguilar 1994; Our Scene So Fair: Filipino Poetry in English, 1905-1955, Gémino H. Abad 2008; Brown River, White Ocean: An Anthology of Twentieth-century Philippine Literature in English 1993; Writers & Their Milieu: An Oral History of First Generation Writers in English, Edilberto Alegre, Doreen Fernandez 2012; Philippine Poetry in English, 1928–1950: A Critical Survey, Joseph Ignatius Bengzon Gonzales, 1986; to name a few.

Prose and Poetry

CXXIII Sonnets to the Brown Goddess by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato Now nearing sixty, what report to make To God on high and to the earth below? What record of accomplishments to show, What ripples in life’s sea leave in our wake, As we prepare evading Charon’s lake, And, leaving, we our of offspring shall bestow, By which posterity of us shall…

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By Luis G. Dato Night comes, a spirit through my being steals, And bids my eyes, tired eyes in sleep to close, And to the bidding, now my soul that feels No sense of quiet, quietens in repose. Stay longer, sprite of night, and ever fill With your cool presence this my life distraught, Come,…

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by Luis G. Dato Awake, my sweet, the silver moonlight laves Your window shut, like you, in placid dreams, Through clouds of gray the new moon’s radiant beams Shed eerie light on church, rice fields and graves, And houses all, the belfries and the caves, And only you, sweet sluggard mine, it seems Still hug…

stephentalla When day is dying in the western sky And all the w d1e2715f 03b5 4173 8ee1 f15fe0a046c4 DAYS OF LONG AGO


By Luis G. Dato When day is dying in the western sky And all the world is red with twilight glow, Often my heart given out a painful cry, Remembering the days of long ago. Often in other days I sat beside The boulders of the sea to watch the west, Dreaming across the sea…

stephentalla The cruel muse with tumult fills the cities They r 0e6e4375 d726 4ee9 9110 646f77a5fb41 THE STREETS AT NIGHT


by Luis G. Dato The cruel muse with tumult fills the cities, They rear with gasping breath, And thunder beats upon their pavements, Thunder that came from death. The stranger’s heart at eventide is lonely, And weary must be roam, As down desert-lands of treason Faith roams in quest of home. Love is a weary…

stephentalla My love my love the evening hills grow dark And th 8b3f4bdc ef82 4bc1 984d ed4fd426dbd9 XCII


by Luis G. Dato My love, my love, the evening hills grow dark, And the lush fields lie quiet in the night, Up in the sky there is no sudden flight Or song of nightingale or the blithe lark, To view with rapture or ecstatic hark, But frogs and crickets hissing with all might Their…


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