Words by: Luis G. Dato
Music by: Jose V. Relativo

Thou motherland of Bikol dear,
With love we sing today of thee
Fair land of skies azure and clear,
Girt by a sunkist, sapphire sea.

Dear land of rolling plain and hill,
To us forever thou art home,
And hap what may we’ll love thee still
Though far away thy sons may roam

Oh! Camarines Sur so fair
Nowhere more dear will bloom the flowers,
The songs of birds are Sweeter there,
And pleasant more the sunny hours.

Thy seas, thy lakes we all adore
And pledging love united stand
And Go on high we o’er implore,
To bless with peace our Bikol land.

Thy lovely shores with coral teem,
Like sentinels thy green trees stand,
Beside thy stream, ’tis sweet to dream
And light of heart, heed thy command.

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