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first prisoners of 1898

Sidelights About Rizal

Another news archive from The Tribune in 1936 about Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The source of the article is from the National Library of Australia’s Newspaper Digitisation Program. Tribune (Philippines : 1932 – 1945), Friday 19 June 1936, page 3…

Mi Ultimo Adios Jose Rizal

Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios English Versions

In Luis G. Dato’s “An Autobiographical Sketch” in 1978, he mentioned that he was the first Filipino to translate Jose Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios” into English. I found this newspaper Archive from The Tribune from the National Library of Australia.…

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Handiong: Epic of Bicolandia Translation

by Stephen Cenon D. Talla Handiong or the Ibalon Bikolano epic was transcribed by a Franciscan missionary Bernardino de Melendreras from a Bikolano bard. In 1895, Fray Jose Castaño published the short fragment. It is said the the epic, originally…

marietta barrameda pic 2 Love. Knock, knock, knock.

Love. Knock, knock, knock.

by Stephen Cenon D. Talla I received a facebook messenger call from Ms. Marietta Buena Barrameda, a fellow Baaeño from Texas, U.S.A. She is on her mid 70s, as she is a contemporary of Nanay Greta. She introduced herself ,…

rodolfo guevara dato

Rodolfo Dato Biography

by Stephen Cenon Dato Talla Rodolfo Dato (April 17, 1899 – October 11, 1955) was a Filipino lawyer, editor and educator from Baao, Camarines Sur. His book “Filipino Poetry”, published in 1924, is one of the first anthologies of Filipino…

the instant lyre by Luis Dato

The Instant Lyre Manuscript

The Instant Lyre is an unpublished manuscript by Luis G. Dato (1906-1985). Based on the manuscript, the book is the Volume I of the Instant Lyre. The second Volume, was split in to two books, namely Sonnets to the Brown…

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