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Prose about poetry written by Luis Dato; or historical articles related to the town of Baao, by authors otherwise indicated.

Mount Iriga with the Century Tree in Antipolo, Baao, Camarines Sur

SMA Alma Mater Song by Luis G. Dato

sma baao cam sur

By Stephen Cenon D. Talla St. Monica Academy Alma Mater Song I would like to mention the St. Monica Academy (SMA) Alma Mater song. The late Paulix Robosa, who sculpted the medallion of the marker of lolo Luis G. Dato…

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The Instant Lyre Manuscript

The Instant Lyre by Luis G. Dato

The Instant Lyre is an unpublished manuscript by Luis G. Dato (1906-1985). Based on the manuscript, the book is the Volume I of the Instant Lyre. The second Volume, was split in to two books, namely Sonnets to the Brown…

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Of Turtles and Men

FB IMG 1572355015267 1 Of Turtles and Men

from the website — by Vicente Ll. Ramirez, Jr., Chair, Baao Historical Society Legend has it that early in the colonial era a Spaniard came to a fishing village by a lake and asked a local how the turtle,…

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Original Manuscript of Luis G. Dato

luis g dato manuscript

by Stephen Cenon D. Talla It was in 2006 when my late Uncle Naldo handed me a box filled with treasure — Lolo Luis G. Dato manuscript. It has hundreds of poems, sonnets – typewritten with some handwritten annotations. Honestly,…

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