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FB IMG 1572355015267 1 Of Turtles and Men

Of Turtles and Men

from the website — by Vicente Ll. Ramirez, Jr., Chair, Baao Historical Society Legend has it that early in the colonial era a Spaniard came to a fishing village by a lake and asked a local how the turtle,…

English-German Anthology of Filipino Poets

A Quest of Pablo Laslo’s Book

After reading Lola Josefina’s article on “REMINISCENCES by a Dato Fan”, I pondered and asked myself, “Why was Pablo Laslo there?” I searched for him online looking for some continuity on the story. One book always comes up with every…

luis g dato manuscript

Original Manuscript of Luis G. Dato

by Stephen Cenon D. Talla It was in 2006 when my late Uncle Naldo handed me a box filled with treasure — Lolo Luis G. Dato manuscript. It has hundreds of poems, sonnets – typewritten with some handwritten annotations. Honestly,…

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