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the flag

by: Jose Palma(Translation by Luis G. Dato) Adored Filipinas,Child of the sunny Orient,Whose flame bright and ardent,In thee burns evermore. Oh land beloved,Home of a hero nationNe’er shall invasionDarken they sacred shore. Ever within thy skies and through thy winds,And…

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Baao Plaza by Oilver Collins

Words by: Luis G. DatoMusic by: Jose V. Relativo Thou motherland of Bikol dear,With love we sing today of theeFair land of skies azure and clear,Girt by a sunkist, sapphire sea. Dear land of rolling plain and nill,To us forever…

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My Philippines

48692290756 23875f2d08 b 1 My Philippines

(Words for our National Anthem) by Luis G. Dato Land of the thunderTorn into isles asunderWhere winds beat underHeaven’s blue-vaulted skies,Land where the MalaysReared the Oriental palaceBy sweeping valleysWhere the blue mountains rise. Land of the ocean,We in the war’s…

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