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“Poetry lives on love, and love is nothing but the worship of woman.”

Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine, April 6, 1932

stephentalla If I should come to grief because to you Love is n cf4bbf0a a0f4 4034 b958 974544861fe3 XXXVI


by Luis G. Dato If I should come to grief because to you Love is not love to earth’s censorious eyes,Dreaming it sinful and profane with lies Or that it fails in honor in your view; If love must grieve…

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stephentalla I sought you always in the worlds wide places In p d157d6a5 a440 4bfa a42d 2c28da636f45 XXXV


by Luis Dato I sought you always in the world’s wide places, In piers and palaces, the roaring street. Where the world’s pilgrims worn with aching feet, Seek as I sought you mid strange, unknown faces. Albeit I found you…

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stephentalla CHIAROSCURO df31b822 a589 4241 8e91 8fa268900784 XXXVI CHIAROSCURO AT DAWN


by Luis G. Dato I love the chiaroscuro of the dawn, When day lies hushed as in some catacomb Without its gold, the night without its gloom; On the horizon, each a smoking cone, Loom the dark hills, and clouds,…

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stephentalla The glory then of loving pratest thou Although the 0f29a6dd 5de1 452e b4de 2d951b71c56b XXXI


by Luis G. Dato The glory then of loving pratest thou, Although the love be vain? Thus others, yet Not so the heart that wills not to forget, And they who speak, of love’s woe do they know? For rather…

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stephentalla As when the sun descending from the west Withdraws 7a9020ea f109 4c33 b6bb cf366daa94de XXX IN THE TWILIGHT (1938)


by Luis G. Dato As when the sun descending from the west Withdraws from dusky earth her warming ray, And twilight’s rose the fond eyes cannot stay, But leaves within the heart a sigh compressed; Or, as when after sullen…

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stephentalla If but the wind could be loves embassy How changed 4fd39fa5 15f7 468f b870 92f63adbf0b6 XI (LONE IN FEBRUARY)


by Luis G. Dato If but the wind could be love’s embassy, How changed so soon would be my melancholy, Then would I with importuned instancy, Tell of my grief of heart who loved you solely: Then would the wind…

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stephentalla This day when waking from perturbed sleep I see th 8b486d23 e165 48e6 aaef 19659be78550 SONNET


by Luis G. Dato This day when waking from perturbed sleep, I see the dim night die upon the dawn, And gaze on gleaming hill and dewy lawn,On sunbeams soft that o’er the valley peep; When Nature seems with ecstasy…

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stephentalla angry waves ocean faraway island with cross 913a4d7b ce25 4859 a219 37738d005082 CHRIST OF THE ANDES


by Luis Dato O Christ! it cannot that You will stand With hand uplifted to a warring world Fore’er unheeding, battle flags unfurled In ceaseless combat deaf to Your command. It cannot be that with Your Cross in hand The…

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stephentalla Jesus Christ nailed on the cross sad and forlorn a f89f29e0 064d 46b4 8a6c 75e952806b8b TO JESUS CRUCIFIED


(Sonnet attributed to St. Francis Xavier) by Luis G. Dato It does not move me, Lord, Thyself to love, This after Heaven thou has promised me, Nor fires of Hell that burn eternally, To cease offending thee my spirit move.…

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by Luis G. Dato When in the rush for fortune and for fame, For man’s applause that will not long abide, I stifle soul and conscience lay aside, The better thus to fight unarmed with shame; When to the refuge…

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