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“Poetry lives on love, and love is nothing but the worship of woman.”

Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine, April 6, 1932



By Luis G. Dato A poem of fourteen lines, why, that’s the sonnet, A page of yellow tablet paper stares At us from the bare table, twits and dares Us write one pronto, says it thinks we cannot!To prove it’s…

CXXVI Sonnets to the Brown Goddess by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato And last but not the least the PR side, Our public image if you call it so, The Bulletin wrote up not so long ago That we’re soft-spoken, this must be denied. The Fuentebella brothers we’ve…

CXXVI Sonnets to the brown Goddess by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato And now we’re sixty — six decades are run Of the allotted, precious, limited span Which we are pleased to call the life of man, Till his day sets, like setting of the sun. Now by…

stephentalla And now at sixty what the battle plan To execute u 6dd5e384 e413 44be 84b0 9397e18562b1 CXXIV


by Luis G. Dato And now, at sixty, what the battle-plan To execute until the final day, Before we shall have turned once more to clay, When end at last our world of mortal man? If only it were given…

CXXIII Sonnets to the Brown Goddess by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato Now nearing sixty, what report to make To God on high and to the earth below? What record of accomplishments to show, What ripples in life’s sea leave in our wake, As we prepare evading Charon’s…

CXXII Sooents to the Brown Goddess by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato The question nags us, Lord — Do you exist? lf You do, by shores of what strange sea Do You abide, from what infinity Dispel with light the all-surrounding mist? Faith holds not back our Reason…

stephentalla Is man a beast and animal does he Subsistence eke be17edcd 8d6c 45ec b7b6 f285d23a3b4d CXXI


by Luis G. Dato Is man a beast, and, animal, does he Subsistence eke from parsimonious earth? Is it a curse or boon that he has birth, His bliss o’ershadowed by mortality? Is it illusion mere, his liberty. To add…

stephentalla Has life its meaning Maybe it has not What to the 952024dd b172 4a58 bcff 21c035928387 CXX


by Luis G. Dato Has life its meaning? Maybe it has not! What to the riddle is our answer now, The whence and whither, and the why and how? In vain man through the centuries has sought, To find the…

stephentalla Relentlessly theyre falling one by one Like dead l 6e7cc311 8c00 41bf b3ce 7b83b67b132d CXIX


by Luis G. Dato Relentlessly they’re falling, one by one, Like dead leaves parted from the tree of life — The father and grandfather, husband, wife, Brother and uncle, nephew, here and yon. The sunny day that seemed so long…

stephentalla My God my God with how swift wings the years To ma 61a366ad 9f46 41a3 8a8c bdf10737551e CXVIII


by Luis G. Dato The end, the end, my dear, it is the end, For all unwitting the glad days shall roll, No less than the sad ones, to blight the soul That sees how all to nothingness portend, And…

stephentalla I stood at Gizeh where a Pharoah once The dull hor b18d2bfe 3d4f 4cfa 932b a6b19b144ec5 CXVII


by Luis G. Dato I stood at Gizeh, where a Pharoah once The dull horizon of Sahara scanned, The while obedient, as to God’s command, And come from all that compassless expanse, From Tigris even and the rilled Sudans, By…

stephentalla My God my God with how swift wings the years To ma afe533df 47fd 4cfa b09a 65d69e37b0be CXVI


by Luis G. Dato My God, my God, with how swift wings the years To make us old on earth too soon have flown, As year on year life’s pageantry we’re shown Through its kaleidoscope of hopes and fears, Someday…

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