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“Poetry lives on love, and love is nothing but the worship of woman.”

Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine, April 6, 1932

stephentalla brown goddess Blushing with youthfulness again my a1531a6f 180c 4038 9842 e614ab839d94 III


by Luis G. Dato Blushing with youthfulness, again my muse, After long absence turns to me her smiles, Her hair unbinding, beckons and beguiles, To the soul’s dream and lyre in long disuse; And as she comes my waking soul…

stephentalla Often I strolled a fairyland which hours With book 42a72a8f 40c5 463b 9f11 ff9655f27b89 II


by Luis G. Dato Often I strolled a fairyland which hours With books of rhyme have summoned to my mind, Often I roamed the region unconfined Of dreams and wandered its strange woods bowers, ‘Mid hills I strayed where the…

stephentalla brown goddess Above them all and brighter than the f2c7b2a4 8e5c 4c4b a86c 2b458abaaaf4 LVIII


by Luis G. Dato O memory of golden times gone by, The dear remembrance of the days now past, The halcyon hours that were too sweet to last, That even now they haunt the memory. Dear days of youth, part…

stephentalla I walk behind you in the cobbled street The pungen 40d61865 ecda 42ac b648 7b6e9363181a LVII


by Luis G. Dato I walk behind you in the cobbled street, The pungent odor of your scented hair With orange blossoms mingle in the air, Rare, rich admixture and solution sweet. Did I say walk? O no! for not…

stephentalla Then come with me into the fragrant fields Green g 055924f2 93e1 4538 9bbc 9e9bfeaf26db LVI


by Luis G. Dato Then come with me into the fragrant fields, Green grass and meadows in this month of May, Come let us in the happy springtime stray And know what stream or pleasant fountain yields. Come, let us…

stephentalla O closed dark windows of the home so dear So far a 4ba5e2b4 86d9 411f 88d6 570ed0b5bad5 LV


by Luis G. Dato O closed dark windows of the home so dear, So far away though just across the street, Your room dim-lighted, callous to the beat, The tempest of the heart that cannot hear Your song, nor see…

stephentalla And now your door is shut your windows all So like 9f15cadd 67cc 4424 8feb 9c30f3a835a1 LIV


by Luis G. Dato And now your door is shut, your windows all, So like your heart, closed to all pity, dear! And I am haunted by gray memories sear That in the night confront me and appall To spread…

stephentalla I see your open door in the warm day And windows t 51251868 44cc 40ba aee8 03fedab6f98c LIII


by Luis G. Dato I see your open door in the warm day And windows, too, where the breeze scuffles through The bougainvillea, and I know that youAre in, alone perhaps with thoughts that stray To some dear friend, or…

stephentalla I love you with each rhyme with every beat And foo 4fbd2434 7a8c 44ef bfb9 de9d62332022 LII


by Luis G. Dato O let me consummate this wondrous love That I have for you burning in my breast,Through day and night I know I’ll find no rest, Until in you it finds fulfillment of What to its simple…

stephentalla And why should I my shadow oer you cast Who were m b7809d69 f156 4c67 ac6f 1bd448ae968c LI


by Luis G. Dato And why should I my shadow o’er you cast,Who were meant for sojourn through sunny hours, To stray the pleasant fields, the fragrant flowers, The joys of love which all joy shall outlast? Why should you…

stephentalla brown goddess Since for your whims Id pledge both 1736205c bc91 4138 99c7 06a6e76c85ef L


by Luis G. Dato Leave me alone, you say. I will comply.With this your wish, for which what would I not Attempt, whose every care, whose waking thought Is but to please you, nor yet question why, Since for your…

stephentalla O ache of heart forever unsatisfied Because it has 3b90c2bd d16e 44de 8741 f4eed50a5f59 XLIX


by Luis G. Dato O ache of heart fore ‘er unsatisfied, Because it has not what it dreams to hold, The pain augmenting as you I behold, Who have not wits to leave off, long denied. It is a wonder…

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