by Luis G. Dato

Related to creation, what is man?
To move, to feel, to reproduce he can,
But so likewise in life the lower forms,
These instincts all posses, the amoeba and the worms.

Th trees, the order of the inanimate
O prithee, what their place in cosmic fate?
Here vassals they, with neither soul nor name
God’s omnipotence merely to proclaim.

But man alone has reason, intellect
And therefore, he is Lord and God’s elect,
And furthermore, he has a will that’s free,
To range the orbit of his destiny.

And then, unlike vegetable and brute,
Man has the pow’r of speech, he is no mute,
Ideals sublimate him from the primal clod,
From whence he sprung, the image of his God.

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