By Luis G. Dato

Liberty, this day we greet thee
With the dawn in face we meet thee,
Fair of name and thus repeat thee,
With thy song, liberty!

Quezon, Hero-star defend us
Whate’er the foe offend us,
May the lightning falter rend us
Than lost thy victory.

Lands of the sun, thy night is o’er!
The bright star lights thy shore,
God in His heaven grants thy power
In his eternity.

Now thy strife of old is ended
On thy host hath peace descended,
Warring East and West have blended
In thy fraternity.

From lands of sun with thunder sound,
We come,
The seas resound and hills rebound
As we strike home,
Hail to thy freedom, Philippines!
Land of the sea
And the free
Land of the brave
Where the wave
Kisses singing the song of the Philippines.

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