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Luis G. Dato thoughts on life and death.


stephentalla The cruel muse with tumult fills the cities They r 0e6e4375 d726 4ee9 9110 646f77a5fb41 THE STREETS AT NIGHT

by Luis G. Dato The cruel muse with tumult fills the cities, They rear with gasping breath, And thunder beats upon their pavements, Thunder that came from death. The stranger’s heart at eventide is lonely, And weary must be roam,…

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ETERNE by Luis Dato

by Luis G. Dato We are the memory of past desire, The sighs from old, forgotten agonies, We are the embers of a muffled fire, Entombed, yet breathing with the centuries. At sunset, when the clouds with bitter tears, Spread…

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Day on the Farm

Your smiles have died and there is no replying To all endearment and my gifts are vain;

By Luis G. Dato I’ve found you fruits of sweetest taste and found youBunches of duhat growing by the hill,I’ve bound your arms and hair with vine and bound youWith rare wildflowers but you are crying still. I’ve brought you…

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Among the Hills


By Luis G. Dato I used to watch the sunrise glow That set aflame the eastern skies, My lips in songs did freely flow As thoughts went fleeting with my sighs. I’ve lived through storms and smiles and tears, And…

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The Spouse

stephentalla the spouse Rose in her hand and moist eyes young w 68c4b686 01f9 47a4 8639 854992f1a65b The Spouse

By Luis G. Dato Rose in her hand and moist eyes young with weeping, She stands upon the threshold of her house, Fragrant with scent that wakens love from sleeping, She looks far down to where her husband plows. Her…

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1272px Krater Niobid Painter A Louvre G341 ARGONAUTS

By Luis G. Dato I From Asia’s teeming highlands, coasts, and bays,They ploughed the outmost rim of ocean foam,In pathless deeps envisioning their home,Where suns perennial drop unsalted rays,They ventured from the people-trodden ways,And in their light, swift-winged barangays,The seas…

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ALTERED by Luis Dato

By Luis G. Dato He left for Manila one day in April, Said good-bye to the principal street in town,To the tall, austere cathedral beside it. At home the evening before,His mother a seedling planted, He stayed in the city…

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ON BOOKS by Luis Dato

By Luis G. Dato From streets and the dirty places,The frost of the forgetful facesI have found me a refuge, the past;From the heat and the dust, the bitterForgetfulness, it is far sweeterTo seek the soothing calm of the past.…

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stephentalla As from a sleep profound A long time in strange gr 8592d3b8 d796 47bb 9c71 e1078822899a POWER OF THE DREAM

By Luis G. Dato As from a sleep profound,A long time in strange ground,I woke to find my soul,Young as when faint with thirstOf love I knew it first.Invincible and whole. And this was all so strange,This change – anulling…

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