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Luis G. Dato thoughts on life and death.

stephentalla The cemetery is the house of death By reeds surrou 24f745b6 c56c 42de 9769 2a9c69ee9aca CVI


by Luis G. Dato The cemetery is the house of death, By reeds surrounded and rank growth of grass, What dreary thoughts assail us as we pass, Unwanted come, like phantom Death, by stealth, Ephemeral on earth we drew our…

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stephentalla Relentlessly theyre falling one by one Like dead l 6e7cc311 8c00 41bf b3ce 7b83b67b132d CXIX


by Luis G. Dato Relentlessly they’re falling, one by one, Like dead leaves parted from the tree of life – The father and grandfather, husband, wife, Brother and uncle, nephew, here and yon. The sunny day that seemed so long…

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