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Luis G. Dato thoughts on life and death.


Jaja E. Sybingco

by Luis G. Dato For, dearest one, I love you with a love More elemental than the earth we tread, More cosmic than the suns that roam o’erhead, The starry firmament that shines above. To love immense, tremendous, need I…

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Jaja E. Sybingco

by Luis G. Dato They tell you, dear, you are not meant for me, That in the grand division which the fates Have all apportioned earthly loves and hates, We have drawn blanks — no dawn, no memory For us.…

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Denise Esteban

by Luis G. Dato Why should you use the world’s all-jaundiced eyes And judge my suit by its too harsh decree? In matters of the heart, ’tis you and me, None else discern where its true happiness lies. “Tis not…

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22680597251 b1ebb12031 o scaled XXXVI CHIAROSCURO AT DAWN

by Luis G. Dato I love the chiaroscuro of the dawn, When day lies hushed as in some catacomb Without its gold, the night without its gloom; On the horizon, each a smoking cone, Loom the dark hills, and clouds,…

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received 482176326216034 XXX IN THE TWILIGHT (1938)

by Luis G. Dato As when the sun descending from the west Withdraws from dusky earth her warming ray, And twilight’s rose the fond eyes cannot stay, But leaves within the heart a sigh compressed; Or, as when after sullen…

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beauteous trager

by Luis G. Dato If but the wind could be love’s embassy, How changed so soon would be my melancholy, Then would I with importuned instancy, Tell of my grief of heart who loved you solely: Then would the wind…

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divine grace GRACE

by Luis G. Dato Of old, man had the innate power of grace,Which Adam lost, the father of our race,But from which fall he still himself can lift,Through baptism and penance, Jesus’ gift. And what is grace? it is to…

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IDEALS by Luis Dato

by Luis G. Dato Related to creation, what is man?To move, to feel, to reproduce he can,But so likewise in life the lower forms,These instincts all posses, the amoeba and the worms. Th trees, the order of the inanimateO prithee,…

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The dove, when newly hatched, Has tasty meat and tender; When old, howe’er you stew her, You cannot rend her.

by Luis G. Dato The dove, when newly hatched,Has tasty meat and tender;When old, howe’er you stew her,You cannot rend her.

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DELIRIUM by Luis Dato

By Luis G. Dato In this state of the mind when the least sound perplexes, And the faintest light shadow the spirit depresses, When the pen, hesitating, conjectures and guesses On the scheme enigmatic of mortals and sexes;When the twilight…

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