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Luis G. Dato thoughts on life and death.

stephentalla Beloved I regret The world to leave Since you migh 92f20609 fb07 4c50 bc47 39976e8ea2f9 LAST WORD


By Luis G. Dato Beloved, I regret The world to leave, Since you might quite forget, Nor quite forgive. You still remember (Was this my fate?) Still burns unquenched an ember In you of hate. Beloved, I must leave, Is…

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By Luis G. Dato I met and then forgot her With unremembered things, And thoughts if love could utter Once more its murmurings, Another one, and not her, Could wake the muted strings. The years had passed long after That…

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stephentalla Tis time this heart indifferent To love so long Sh 9cbee7f8 2b26 4702 9f0b 3f512679b890 AWAKENING


By Luis G. Dato ‘Tis time this heart indifferent To love so long, Should rise from slumber innocent And stroll among The gardens that are heaven-sent. The butterflies’ unweary quest From vase to jar, For wine within the petals’ nest…

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stephentalla Night comes a spirit through my being steals And b b8e472b5 deda 448a aac7 a9fc721b4520 NOCTURNE


By Luis G. Dato Night comes, a spirit through my being steals, And bids my eyes, tired eyes in sleep to close, And to the bidding, now my soul that feels No sense of quiet, quietens in repose. Stay longer,…

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