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Luis G. Dato thoughts on life and death.

stephentalla Mute unmoved your silence utters Flames of prophes 0620ff21 edab 4d98 a635 136807423633 TORN IDOLS


By Luis G. Dato Mute, unmoved, your silence utters Flames of prophesy, Men, they vow, they swear and onward Deathward, cease to be. Men, who in a false believing, Defied your stone. Men who raised to you contumely, Those and…

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stephentalla I will not sigh to you in starry night When songs 3f8c7e66 245c 43da 95ca 345b87ca178c THE PARTED WAYS


by Luis G. Dato I will not sigh to you in starry night, When songs, like flowers, clamber your stone walls, That, in my stranger loneliness of heart, For you the dreaming of the spirit calls, I will not whisper…

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ETERNE by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato We are the memory of past desire, The sighs from old, forgotten agonies, We are the embers of a muffled fire, Entombed, yet breathing with the centuries. At sunset, when the clouds with bitter tears, Spread…

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stephentalla Upon these deeps in days remotely old A dauntless 6f00bc3b 3e80 4f16 80ae a95e6336dadd ARGONAUTS


By Luis G. Dato I From Asia’s teeming highlands, coasts, and bays,They ploughed the outmost rim of ocean foam,In pathless deeps envisioning their home,Where suns perennial drop unsalted rays,They ventured from the people-trodden ways,And in their light, swift-winged barangays,The seas…

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