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TO MY MUSE by Luis Dato

by Luis G. Dato I muse sometimes of flowers once perfumingThe halcyon of my yesteryears,And then again, an aureate form assuming,Their memory brings a memory of tears. Here once beneath cool, green acacia branchesHow gilded golden in the glowing dawn,Here…

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Unrequited Love

unrequited love

She clasped with her heart the yearning of love,The unerring hearth beneath the joy, sobbedThe warmest breath of the summer air,She longed for shadow, the light of his bare. She clung to his time the endless riverOf thoughts of the…

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TO A LOST ONE by Luis Dato

by Luis G. Dato For many a day of sunlight,Her eyes surveyed the waves,And in her glances one nightDescry her cold, white grave. For many days she waitedHer eyes with weeping warm,To bare boughs undulatedIn the loud-howling storm. Her days,…

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48775279281 bc045c56b8 b THE DAMSEL OF SABANG

(with the collaboration of Taciano Rey) Beside the Gulf of LagonoyAmong the hillocks hiddenA hamlet greets the rising sunsAlike a view of EdenAnd heaven is that charmed standWhere woods and waves come blendingAbide a people in delightThat never knows as…

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My Days of Dreaming

40292346215 6b01073319 b My Days of Dreaming

by Luis G. Dato Long have I spent my days of youth in dreamingA life of love when you by fate were mine,Long have I sighed through time, the long hours deemingMe happy in our eyes divine. Long have I…

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Love’s Why

48692290756 23875f2d08 b Love's Why

by Luis G. Dato I love that I may callTo mind the buried past,That through Time’s heavy pallThe dead may wake at last. I love that as I sighAbove an empty earth,l might forget and dieAnd rest me of this…

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Love knock

48081580551 5099235244 b Love knock

by Luis G. Dato Knock, knock, knock. I knock at the gate of your heart. Only the hollow rustling of dead leaves answered my call. What if a blight have passed To see the the beauty within? I shall be…

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Last Word

46350096835 91346a75af b Last Word

By Luis Dato BELOVED, I regretThe world to leave,Since you might not forget;Still burns unquenched an ember. You still rememberWas this my fate?Still burns unquenched an emberIn you of hate. Beloved, I must leave,Is there regret?If love were wrong, forgive,If…

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eireen alexa

by Luis G. Dato ‘Tis strange that I should falter in this hour, As thus we stand in the last light of day, Strange that my lips refuse their word to say, As in your hands you crush a silk-blown…

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ハート ジョー

by Luis G. Dato When I am dead, will you then think of me More kindly, when I cease to haunt you dear Or dog your steps in school or church no more, Will I seem better in the memory,…

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