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stephentalla MY MUSES I think sometimes of flowers once perfumi 37bb5795 4439 4e8a bfe9 64a93076b023 TO MY MUSES


by Luis G. Dato I muse sometimes of flowers once perfumingThe halcyon of my yesteryears,And then again, an aureate form assuming,Their memory brings a memory of tears. Here once beneath cool, green acacia branchesHow gilded golden in the glowing dawn,Here…

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TO A LOST ONE by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato For many a day of sunlight,Her eyes surveyed the waves,And in her glances one nightDescry her cold, white grave. For many days she waitedHer eyes with weeping warm,To bare boughs undulatedIn the loud-howling storm. Her days,…

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LOVE'S WHY by Luis G. Dato

Love’s Why

by Luis G. Dato I love that I may callTo mind the buried past,That through Time’s heavy pallThe dead may wake at last. I love that as I sighAbove an empty earth,l might forget and dieAnd rest me of this…

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Knock by Luis Dato

Love knock

by Luis G. Dato Knock, knock, knock. I knock at the gate of your heart. Only the hollow rustling of dead leaves answered my call. What if a blight have passed To see the the beauty within? I shall be…

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stephentalla BELOVED I regret The world to leave Since you migh d2a04ee3 9b45 4e7f 8b73 cf47ee958136 Last Word

Last Word

By Luis Dato BELOVED, I regretThe world to leave,Since you might not forget;Still burns unquenched an ember. You still rememberWas this my fate?Still burns unquenched an emberIn you of hate. Beloved, I must leave,Is there regret?If love were wrong, forgive,If…

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