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Bichara theater 1958

by Luis G. Dato How like Elysium were the prewar times,When Freedom reigned and life seemed free from care,Then was our Naga gay, with houses filledHer nights turned day, her flowers suffused the air. Where’er went, turn wheresoe’er our eyesWere…

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Bataan Mariveles 1 SUSPENSE

By Luis G. Dato At Mount Marivels, twilight lazily lingers, And the sun descending, almost out of sight, Into the hills and the seas beyond the hills, Goes down hesitating, slowly, While the night of music and mystery waits, And…

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1568134658948 e1571027755319 MANILA BAY

By Luis G. Dato I sit upon the white rocks by the bay, Against whose hollows numberless, the waves Will splash forevermore. The sunset laves The deep with light. There rises far away A mountain that has seemingly defied The…

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baao green fields

By Luis G. Dato O! lovely girl, in our first meeting I still can see your smile of greeting, And the gardenia on your heart, You gave me when we had to part. Long since we should have met before,…

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1920px Panorama from Monte Igueldo 5106955283 STREET TO SAN SEBASTIAN

By Luis G. Dato Under your window passing in the night, For your accustomed face to see behind Your orchids fluttering in the nocturne wind, (Like little pigeons posed for flight Into the blueness of the infinite), My eyes could…

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Screenshot 2019 08 31 Joroan Tiwi 1 THE ROSE OF LAGONOY

By Luis G. Dato Beside the Gulf of Lagonoy Among the hillocks hidden A hamlet greets the rising sun So like a rose from Eden. And heaven is that charmed strand Where woods and waves come blending, Where bide a…

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By Luis G. Dato Mt. Isarog’s a cold, white sheet, It stands unseen with icy feet, Mt. Isarog’s a somber gray, Harbinger of the rainy day. The dark hills hide, pale clouds hang low, The crickets sing, the sad cocks…

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arcady arcadia

By Luis G. Dato In Arcady, day after day, the earth, After her chilly slumber, as of death, Blooms with the sun to resurrected birth, And the green land wakes with the morning’s breath. There Nature trembles with her growth,…

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By Luis G. Dato Here where the wind is friendly, And candid as the day, Here where to breathe is freedom, Here for a while let me stray. Here where to dream is heaven, Here where all hate disappears, Here,…

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LUKBAN (A Fragment)

By Luis G. Dato Lukban, you are the stirring of many summer dawns, You are a giant dahlia upon the clefted lawns, Your breezes are the spirit of princesses unseen, Aroma of the aeons and aeons that have been. There…

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