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HOME by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato High on the banks of a river, Green-crowned with many a vine, Far though I bide in vision, I see the home of mine. The swallows round its window Fly down and round again, When, from…

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home Baao view of Mt. Asog


By Luis G. Dato Up by a leaping stream, And cradled ‘neath a hill, The hallowed moments seem Eternity of thrill. Over the roof cadenas creep, Soft grasses clothe the lawn, Which in the twilight weep With waiting for the…

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by Luis G. Dato Tarlac looks young this April With a load of ungathered skies; Its pawing feet are trembling Between sugar and rice. In Angles, behind twin towers, The hills rise fold on fold, A barren ridge, a sunken…

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