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stephentalla Knight Galahad pure and leader 39f3fb8c 47a7 4441 8fdd 1d76494f5d97 LEADERSHIP


by Luis G. Dato The leader, what must Catholics possessThat the apostolate may win success?They must be firm, sincere and fired with faithWhose flashes, Phoenix-like, transcend their death. They must be pure, like Galahad of old,Who would return the stray…

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stephentalla Greater more real than the world God are From thos 472b202b ff9c 4c12 a6c6 c8cb6e952b23 ACTION


by Luis G. Dato Act in the living present, poets sayTo make the morrow better than today,Alas! the Catholic apostolateWe let it down to mourn a better fate. Because to meet there is no better world,We hear no call, no…

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STUDY by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato Knowledge is power, but what and how shall weExplore in cosmos and its mystery?What, where the Key the universe to learn,The wisdom erudite true Christian yearn? Knowledge is power, ’tis what the Scribes did say,But grace…

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stephentalla Pieta pieta and study action too. b4f327e4 b842 4c41 bc83 608a0fb79bb7 PIETY


by Luis G. Dato Pieta, pieta, and study, action, too,These triumvirate of virtue true,They are man’s weapons shielding him from harm,His main defensive and offensive arm. Khayyam once said, “When young did I frequentDoctor and Saint and heard great argumentAbout…

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stephentalla Shrive then your souls your mortal sins confess It 3c5815ad 2db9 4ddb 92c9 56a65cdbe284 CHARITY


by Luis G. Dato How man has fallen from his high estate,From his straight mandates with his sins deviate,Rejoicing and rebelling from His reignEmprise of Lucifer, like him, all vain. In life, what strange bedfellows sin and grace!The light departs…

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stephentalla the grace of God from heaven angelic holy surreal 46e94047 539a 4e2b a6a2 da679ff09b33 GRACE


by Luis G. Dato Of old, man had the innate power of grace,Which Adam lost, the father of our race,But from which fall he still himself can lift,Through baptism and penance, Jesus’ gift. And what is grace? it is to…

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IDEALS by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato Related to creation, what is man?To move, to feel, to reproduce he can,But so likewise in life the lower forms,These instincts all posses, the amoeba and the worms. Th trees, the order of the inanimateO prithee,…

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