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by Luis G. Dato Peñafrancia, Peñafrancia, By the river stands thy shrineSanctuary and temple radiant Showering thy grace divine. Peñafrancia , dear dark lady, Far-famed Bikol Patroness, Ever every home and hamlet Of the Bikol region bless. Great thy name…

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patty hidalgo

by Luis G. Dato O why did God that we be cleft ordain, And desolate to wend our separate way? Why did He turn to night the gladsome day When I could not your sweet face see again? Is God…

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24820877613 ce76a48ba5 o scaled LEADERSHIP

by Luis G. Dato The leader, what must Catholics possessThat the apostolate may win success?They must be firm, sincere and fired with faithWhose flashes, Phoenix-like, transcend their death. They must be pure, like Galshad of old,Who would return the stray…

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27314331208 2337949e01 o scaled OBSTACLE TO GRACE

by Luis G. Dato The wage of sin is death, the death of man,But death formed not a part of God’s first plan,“Twas Adam only brought woe to our earth,By sins which henceforth coupled death with birth. As not result…

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28718559407 f8e2690e96 o THE SACRAMENTS

by Luis G. Dato The sacraments present an outward right,They rescue from horrendous moral night,Which Christ did institute to grant the graceThat all the world’s grant sins alone efface. In baptism, God’s vicar uses oil,And water for the sins that…

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26837658655 3368ee1f27 o scaled ACTION

by Luis G. Dato Act in the living present, poets sayTo make the morrow better than today,Alas! the Catholic apostolateWe let it down to mourn a better fate. Because to meet there is no better world,We hear no call, no…

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48774981053 a311088b25 o scaled STUDY

by Luis G. Dato Knowledge is power, but what and how shall weExplore in cosmos and its mystery?What, where the Key the universe to learn,The wisdom erudite true Christian yearn? Knowledge is power, ’tis what the Scribes did say,But grace…

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crucified jesus

by Luis G. Dato Pieta, pieta, and study, action, too,These triumvirate of virtue true,They are man’s weapons shielding him from harm,His main defensive and offensive arm. Khayyam once said, “When young did I frequentDoctor and Saint and heard great argumentAbout…

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girl daisies CHARITY

by Luis G. Dato How man has fallen from his high estate,From his straight mandates with his sins deviate,Rejoicing and rebelling from His reignEmprise of Lucifer, like him, all vain. In life, what strange bedfellows sin and grace!The light departs…

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baao church by jojie badilla

by Luis G. Dato God said, I call thee Peter, on thy rockI build my church, My children there to flockFor refuge from the anguish of the vale,Against it Satan’s hosts shall not prevail. The church, it is the voice…

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