“The Philippine Commonwealth” was an article sent by Atty. Rodolfo Dato to The Tribune in 1935. (The Tribune was a Philippine newspaper from 1932 to 1945.) The short article was posted on “The Public Pulse” column of the newspaper.

by Rodolfo Dato

NAGA, CAMARINES SUR.— I cannot think of the Philippine Commonwealth without associating it with England and the United States. For the Philippine Commonwealth is an Oriental offshoot of Anglo-American democracy. Though newly born yet its roots lie deep in the constitutional traditions of England and in the political institutions of the United States. The Filipino is as familiar with the precepts of the Magna Charta as any Englishman and with the principles of the American Constitution as any American. A reading of the Bill of Rights of the Philippine Constitution will show how much in this respect we owe to England and the United States. The Philippine Commonwealth is an experiment the result of which not only Filipinos but also Englishmen and Americans have reason to be anxious about. For in the experiment the universal validity of the Anglo-American system of government is put to a supreme test. Whether the system will survive not only in the West but also in the East will largely be deter mined by the result of its trial in this part of the world. Therefore let us all pray and work for the success of the Philippine Commonwealth. — Rodolfo Dato.

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