By Luis G. Dato

O radiant queen of beauty
It is a pleasant duty
And near my heart’s desire,
To write for you these verses
The while the muse rehearses
To wake the living lyre.

In St. Dominic’s regions
We come with countless legions
As by the north star drawn,
With eyes and spirit glowing,
Our ardent praise bestowing
Bright laurels of your crown.

Here by the wilderness,
The winds in warm caresses
Blend with your perfumed tresses
The fragrance of the rose,
Whose petals do not wither

Through storms blow you and hither
From lands that no one knows.
Beside these emerald mountains,
Where flow the crystal fountains,
You hold your regal seat,
Where greenest grow the grasses,
And flowers whose scent surpasses
Whate’er we hold most sweet.

Here, fair beyond all measure,
And truly a rare treasure,
Abides the endless pleasure
Of your enchanting reign,
Where all unknown is sorrow,
Where none to live must borrow
The distant, dim tomorrow,
And hope and wait in vain.

Here, now and ever after,
Is heard the voice of laughter,
And dreams are never vain,
Where pleasure come unbidden,
And discord dwells not hidden
As, price of joys forbidden
And dreams with fruits of pain.

And here the eyes can follow
The soaring flight of swallow
Above the vernal plain,
And through the rainbow capture
From clouds and skies their rapture,
And paradise regain.

Ah, fairer far than mountains,
Clear brooks and flashing fountains,
Your image clear appears,
To stand divine, immortal
As by high heaven’s portal
Sought through the flight of years.

More radiant than strange flower
By some enchanted tower,
In some forgotten bower,
Beside a flowing stream,
You come fresh like the morning
The sylvan haunts adorning
Of some prismatic dream.

Amparo I, your nation
Hot with vain adulation,
But deepest admiration
Tonight crown you their queen,
And cast afar all sadness,
Which fills life’s cup to madness
To seek eternal gladness
Such as was never seen.

Leonila, the first princess,
Your very name evinces
What is your people’s due ,
A gracious comely maiden,
Yet when the land is laden
With wrong, you bring back Eden,
With valiant hands and true.

Rosario, princess fairest,
A crown of love you wearest
And this our homage dear,
Bestow on us your glances
Your smile whose gleam enhances
The soul to its romances
With wings to heaven’s sphere.

Your eyes with depths so tender
Surpass the stars in splendor,
And make the heart surrender,
A captive to command,
Give us tonight some token
Of boundless love unspoken,
For darkness name is broken,
And freedom rules the land.

Dear queen, fill all with glory
To pass, in song and story,
To the times and lands,
Whose mem’ ries shall embolden
The bard with praises golden
When he dreams of the olden
Years gone with faltering hands.

That thus when all have parted,
And love and life departed,
And evening wanes at last,
When light and dance are over
Your memory shall hover,
Your semblance to recover,
When this sweet night -is past.

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