Pensive mood of LUIS G. DATO

A Baaeño Poet musings on Love and Life

Filipino Poet, Writer, Educator and Politician

luis g. dato filipino poet
Luis G. Dato, Filipino poet

Luis G. Dato (pseudonym ISAROG) was a Bikolano Poet, writer, educator and politician from Baao, Camarines Sur, Philippines. He is one of the first generation Filipino poets in English of the 20th century and the author of “The Spouse, “Malolos”, “Day on the Farm”, “Among the Hills,” etc.

His works are anthologized in several published books, such as the Filipino Poetry by Rodolfo Dato 1924; Philippine Prose and Poetry, Jose Garcia Villa 1949; German-English Anthology of Filipino Poets, Pablo Laslo 1934, Readings in Philippine Literature, Celedonio G. Aguilar 1994; Our Scene So Fair: Filipino Poetry in English, 1905-1955, Gémino H. Abad 2008; Brown River, White Ocean: An Anthology of Twentieth-century Philippine Literature in English 1993; Writers & Their Milieu: An Oral History of First Generation Writers in English, Edilberto Alegre, Doreen Fernandez 2012; Philippine Poetry in English, 1928–1950: A Critical Survey, Joseph Ignatius Bengzon Gonzales, 1986; to name a few.

Prose and Poetry

stephentalla And now the rain from Heaven silver spears Incessa 2010a9d1 be5e 4814 8a68 ae4d585e7d1a LXXXIX


by Luis G. Dato And now the rain — from Heaven silver spears Incessant fall the sad earth to subdue, The silent hills and mountains hide from view, In the horizon not one ray appears. Oppressive mien of mourning Nature wears, And then subconsciously I think of you, Long from me hidden since you bade…

stephentalla ancient malay great warrior fought beasts and man 9d62c00e 3919 468d 8f52 1297c4761803 HANDIONG: EPIC OF BICOLANDIA


(Handiong epic is translated from the Spanish version of Fray Jose Castaño) Translated by Luis G. Dato YLING (to Kadugnung): Kadugnung, minstrel wise, Of Handiong’s time sing on, With your famed silver lyre The sweet land of Aslon, For only you can laud Its beauty, pristine charm, The mysteries occult That in the region swarm….

stephentalla How could you love some stranger in my place Who l fedc297b ed69 49d0 96fa 01f80467a39d XLV


by Luis G. Dato How could you love some stranger in my placeWho loves you not as I have loved more dear, Could you have heart to hold another near, The mem’ry of my worship to efface? Could you endure the future days to face, Live from the orbit of my love’s fond sphere, And…

Wages by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato Leaves on the ground, Boughs by the zephyrs in ecstasy dropped, Vines looking up At the trunk they had clung to but lately, Till the breezes came their way… They are scattered and helpless, Wistful of glories once theirs for a day. The sand of the shoreline, Crags from their setting…



By Luis G. Dato Austere commander of the iron hand, Who marshalled men to trample fields of war, Who wielded well both pen and scimitar, Each word a call, each sword flash a command. Who stood as guard to Aguinaldo’s land, With Bugallon, Ricarte and Malvar, Who faced the armies of Columbia far And at…

Mt. Iriga from Iriga City


By Luis G. Dato The streets of Iriga, they ever hum With wheels and traffic all the livelong day, As from the hills her folk and products come, And from all towns and barrios far away. The grotto to the Virgin, e’er it stands And looks down from its lofty eminence, A call to prayer…


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