Pensive mood of LUIS G. DATO

A Baaeño Poet musings on Love and Life

Filipino Poet, Writer, Educator and Politician

luis g. dato filipino poet
Luis G. Dato, Filipino poet

Luis G. Dato (pseudonym ISAROG) was a Bikolano Poet, writer, educator and politician from Baao, Camarines Sur, Philippines. He is one of the first generation Filipino poets in English of the 20th century and the author of “The Spouse, “Malolos”, “Day on the Farm”, “Among the Hills,” etc.

His works are anthologized in several published books, such as the Filipino Poetry by Rodolfo Dato 1924; Philippine Prose and Poetry, Jose Garcia Villa 1949; German-English Anthology of Filipino Poets, Pablo Laslo 1934, Readings in Philippine Literature, Celedonio G. Aguilar 1994; Our Scene So Fair: Filipino Poetry in English, 1905-1955, Gémino H. Abad 2008; Brown River, White Ocean: An Anthology of Twentieth-century Philippine Literature in English 1993; Writers & Their Milieu: An Oral History of First Generation Writers in English, Edilberto Alegre, Doreen Fernandez 2012; Philippine Poetry in English, 1928–1950: A Critical Survey, Joseph Ignatius Bengzon Gonzales, 1986; to name a few.

Prose and Poetry

home Baao view of Mt. Asog


By Luis G. Dato Up by a leaping stream, And cradled ‘neath a hill, The hallowed moments seem Eternity of thrill. Over the roof cadenas creep, Soft grasses clothe the lawn, Which in the twilight weep With waiting for the dawn. At morn the butterflies Are eagerly on the wing, And, when the evening dies,…

stephentalla MY MUSES I think sometimes of flowers once perfumi 37bb5795 4439 4e8a bfe9 64a93076b023 TO MY MUSES


by Luis G. Dato I muse sometimes of flowers once perfumingThe halcyon of my yesteryears,And then again, an aureate form assuming,Their memory brings a memory of tears.Here once beneath cool, green acacia branchesHow gilded golden in the glowing dawn,Here when young Zephyr lulled my first romances,Were murmured music sweeter than its own. Beloved! Like a…

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by Luis G. Dato O closed dark windows of the home so dear, So far away though just across the street, Your room dim-lighted, callous to the beat, The tempest of the heart that cannot hear Your song, nor see your face beloved appear To make for just a moment life more sweet, To make…

stephentalla Has life its meaning Maybe it has not What to the 952024dd b172 4a58 bcff 21c035928387 CXX


by Luis G. Dato Has life its meaning? Maybe it has not! What to the riddle is our answer now, The whence and whither, and the why and how? In vain man through the centuries has sought, To find the world a vale with sorrows fraught, Is this the limit to what he shall know,…

stephentalla Most gracious majesty O most serene And royal high a3ddc759 0886 451b 89f1 c2d528664756 TO THE QUEEN


by Luis G. Dato Most gracious majesty, O most sereneAnd royal highness whom we crown our queen,Your people with deep homage o’er your browThe envied cross of loveliness bestow,Wishing you life end glory for your throne,Who reigns o’er then resplendent and alone,In all their hearts and souls without a peer,Your sovereignty resides, your mandates hear,And…

Leonor Rivera


by Luis G. Dato I would my eyes could seeIf hers were black or gray,Her smiles were all to meSweet roses blown in May;Yet all alone we stray,In vales of love to stayCan hear the melodyOf poetry in song;My heart is telling meThat it will not be long,When all her charms divineWill be forever mine….


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