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Filipino Poetry review by Luis G. Dato


In February 1925, after the recent publication of the first anthology of Filipino poets in English, “Filipino Poetry”, a 19-year old, University of the Philippines student, Luis G. Dato (“Bikol of Baao, Camarines Sur”) wrote the essay, Filipino Poetry, as…

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Baao farm lands

A Brief History of Baao

By Orlando “Orly” Olaño According to one oral tradition, the town of Baao got its name from the local term, bao-o, or freshwater turtles. These reptiles were said to be once abundant in the wetlands surrounding the pre-Hispanic settlements of…

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rodolfo dato


“The Philippine Commonwealth” was an article sent by Atty. Rodolfo Dato to The Tribune in 1935. (The Tribune was a Philippine newspaper from 1932 to 1945.) The short article was posted on “The Public Pulse” column of the newspaper. by…

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