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TO MY MUSE by Luis Dato

by Luis G. Dato I muse sometimes of flowers once perfumingThe halcyon of my yesteryears,And then again, an aureate form assuming,Their memory brings a memory of tears. Here once beneath cool, green acacia branchesHow gilded golden in the glowing dawn,Here…

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Referendum Prayer

martial law

“A national referendum-plebiscite was held on October 16–17, 1976 in the Philippines in which the majority of the barangay voters approved the continuation of Martial Law and ratified the proposed amendments to the Constitution substituting the Regular Batasang Pambansa with…

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A Rose

FB IMG 1655511040241 1 A Rose

Such a scented, silky beauty,To induce so much pain.How the naive, willful lassy,Could in bloom cause in vain.

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The University of the Philippines

11 1 The University of the Philippines

In just 20 years after the thomasite Marius John have learned about “I am (Ayam) is a dog” from Baao children, the Baaeños started tuning the lyre. This poem written by Rodolfo Dato, published on the Philippine Collegian (the official…

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Outside my Window

Outside my Window by Stephen Cenon D. Talla

Belittle me, my world, my ornament,My universe, unparallel of wonder,My world devoid of surprise and lament,My earthly ruin, and spirit, break asunder. As the world revolve, my weary mind evolveTo something casual, as fragile as glass,Breaking into multitudes of dove,Fleeing…

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Leonor Rivera

by Luis G. Dato I would my eyes could seeIf hers were black or gray,Her smiles were all to meSweet roses blown in May;Yet all alone we stray,In vales of love to stayCan hear the melodyOf poetry in song;My heart…

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Unrequited Love

unrequited love

She clasped with her heart the yearning of love,The unerring hearth beneath the joy, sobbedThe warmest breath of the summer air,She longed for shadow, the light of his bare. She clung to his time the endless riverOf thoughts of the…

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From A Diary

50666410702 5361df4d08 b 2 From A Diary

by Luis G. Dato For her voice was the voice of the weird spirits vernalAnd her hair wore the hue of the unexplored night;When I failed to grasp fully the power supernalWho is kinder than mercy and sterner than might,I…

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A poem composed for my daughter, Karly Xyan, as part of her online class test on the Covid. The world that ails from thisVirus that halts withinEvery man that kissIllness so inhumane. Every one to beShut inside of the walls,Not…

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48967181316 b3fe5278a1 b ON THE CROWN

by Luis G. Dato Your majesty, to tune my unused lyreIn praise of your supernal virtues is not meet,Your graces need of rhapsodies more sweetThat mine, which is rich only in desireBut not in poor your loveliness to chant,The charm…

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