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“One cannot write unless one has known satiety, debauchery, and the intimacy of desire, and can remember them “in moments of tranquility.”

— Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine in April 6, 1932

stephentalla MY MUSES I think sometimes of flowers once perfumi 37bb5795 4439 4e8a bfe9 64a93076b023 TO MY MUSES


by Luis G. Dato I muse sometimes of flowers once perfumingThe halcyon of my yesteryears,And then again, an aureate form assuming,Their memory brings a memory of tears. Here once beneath cool, green acacia branchesHow gilded golden in the glowing dawn,Here…

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martial law

Referendum Prayer

“A national referendum-plebiscite was held on October 16–17, 1976 in the Philippines in which the majority of the barangay voters approved the continuation of Martial Law and ratified the proposed amendments to the Constitution substituting the Regular Batasang Pambansa with…

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Leonor Rivera


by Luis G. Dato I would my eyes could seeIf hers were black or gray,Her smiles were all to meSweet roses blown in May;Yet all alone we stray,In vales of love to stayCan hear the melodyOf poetry in song;My heart…

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stephentalla Your majesty to tune my unused lyre In praise of y c445a4d7 42aa 4598 9568 0bcce8bbee30 ON THE CROWN


by Luis G. Dato Your majesty, to tune my unused lyreIn praise of your supernal virtues is not meet,Your graces need of rhapsodies more sweetThat mine, which is rich only in desireBut not in poor your loveliness to chant,The charm…

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stephentalla Most gracious majesty O most serene And royal high a3ddc759 0886 451b 89f1 c2d528664756 TO THE QUEEN


by Luis G. Dato Most gracious majesty, O most sereneAnd royal highness whom we crown our queen,Your people with deep homage o’er your browThe envied cross of loveliness bestow,Wishing you life end glory for your throne,Who reigns o’er then resplendent…

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