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“One cannot write unless one has known satiety, debauchery, and the intimacy of desire, and can remember them “in moments of tranquility.”

— Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine in April 6, 1932

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By Luis G. Dato Shouting in the sky-walled air.The rig-driver’s voice is husky and his throat is hoarse with yelling and shouting in the sky walled-air.He jerks the flesh-cutting reins and he dangles the sharp, blood-dripping lash.The horse is hungry.The legs…

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stephentalla 1920s The city is a city always new Fountain of en bfc3e983 6ca3 434f bac1 d14cbfb70c01 THE CITY


By Luis G. Dato Here in the grass grows not longerThe eye to soothe, tired feet to cool –For hills are blocks and masonry,For lake exiguous swimming pool. There are no haunts – around the cornerDeath gasps in screeching brakesOr…

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By Luis G. Dato Out where the wild vines spreadUpon the winding walls,I hear old madrigalsAnd music from the dead. There the grasses hangTheir canopy of leaves,Which oft at dawn receivesMatins the mayas sang. Where peace holds swaysOn mounted mossy…

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ALTERED by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato He left for Manila one day in April, Said good-bye to the principal street in town,To the tall, austere cathedral beside it. At home the evening before,His mother a seedling planted, He stayed in the city…

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ON BOOKS by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato From streets and the dirty places,The frost of the forgetful facesI have found me a refuge, the past;From the heat and the dust, the bitterForgetfulness, it is far sweeterTo seek the soothing calm of the past.…

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