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Referendum Prayer

martial law

“A national referendum-plebiscite was held on October 16–17, 1976 in the Philippines in which the majority of the barangay voters approved the continuation of Martial Law and ratified the proposed amendments to the Constitution substituting the Regular Batasang Pambansa with…

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Baao High School 1938

by Luis G. Dato For once again we saw them, figured, no requestOf those like us enchanted, their eyes to charm and rest,And those from San Fernando, Ingkoy-Ingkoy danced well,They moved in faultless rhythm, and wove round us a spell.…

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by Luis G. Dato Our independence! over all the landOur people proud and jubilant all stand,To see upon the masts with tear-dimmed eyes,The sun and stars reach proudly to the skies. Blessed independence! may it ever beThe radiant symbol of…

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X’MAS, 1975

Ferdinand Marcos with generals during the martial law in the Philippines, 1972

by Luis G. Dato This be our anguished prayer this x’mas day —May God our country save in disarray, May the good Lord who made the nations free, Our bondage end, return our liberty! For freedom, Lord, it is a…

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1599411358003 THE CROSS OF MAY

By Luis G. Dato The Cross of May, the Cross of May, Time flies and passes, you shall stay, To shed upon the tawdry scene The lustre of your light serene. Month of the flowers, month of prayer, Your mirth…

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By Luis G. Dato At Christmas time the nights are dark and chill, But over all the world resplendent sill The Star of Bethlehem we all can see, Rejoicing in the Lord’s Nativity. All to the Church will gather swain…

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By Luis G. Dato I The incense hangs on gilded Christmas shrines, Warm tapers bathe the walls in amber glow, In mumbled prayer, bead-counted prayer low, Devouts, deep-veiled, all drowse upon their lines, Anon with peals from drums and tambourines,…

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baao church

By Luis G. Dato The bells of Christmas let them ring At Jesus’ birth, our Lord, our King, The stars of Heaven let their light Fill all the world this X’mas night. Lo! from the East the Three Wise Men…

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lgd marker site logo

By Luis G. Dato And now as gladsome Christmas comes this year, May it, O Lord, bring to us all good cheer, May joy and happiness pervade the heart, And from our homes the cloud of Care depart! By night…

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