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00000001.tif100 1 Filipinos As Poets In English on "The Philippine Republic" magazine, Washington, D.C. 1926

Filipinos As Poets In English on “The Philippine Republic” magazine, Washington, D.C. 1926

In February 1926, the book “Filipino Poetry”, compiled and edited by Rodolfo Dato, the first anthology of Filipino poets in English, was featured in “The Philippine Republic”, a monthly magazine based in Washington, D. C. Filipinos As Poets In English…

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Last Word

By Luis Dato BELOVED, I regretThe world to leave,Since you might not forget;Still burns unquenched an ember. You still rememberWas this my fate?Still burns unquenched an emberIn you of hate. Beloved, I must leave,Is there regret?If love were wrong, forgive,If…

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stephentalla rice harvest as a birth of beauty be047be5 49d9 43fe a00d b4b38564a484 Two Sonnets

Two Sonnets

By Luis Dato Harvest ‘Mid stalks low-bending with sun-ripened grain,You loomed upon my ravished, sinful eyes;I listened lost in wondering surprise,While in the evening rang your sweet refrain.Weeping, I wished I were some hamlet swain,And, like him, quietened into looks…

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stephentalla The morn beams my unseeing eyes caress And sudden 86c1b8d5 0329 45db 91f5 d3c22a7eca7d Morning


By Luis G. Dato The morn beams my unseeing eyes caress,And, sudden, like some olden sorcery,Blind pupils open, filmy folds fall by,And now I see what I could only guess,The tumbled blossoms and a wildernessAnd disarray arrest the wakened eye,Here,…

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stephentalla Our days in swift succession bid us on To these un 1c0380f6 be28 48a7 ac45 eeae1521d19d SONNET


By Luis G. Dato Our days in swift succession bid us on To these unchartered, desolate domains, Where over deserts strewn with the remains Of unreturning caravans long gone, We follow trails that, winding, go astray Into the dull horizon.…

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by Luis G. Dato Tarlac looks young this April With a load of ungathered skies; Its pawing feet are trembling Between sugar and rice. In Angles, behind twin towers, The hills rise fold on fold, A barren ridge, a sunken…

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