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COSMOS by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato With stars I tryst, and in the outmost Night, Time thundering roams the skies, I fear the alternation of the light, Love, let me look in your eyes. A funeral wind is moaning through the trees,…

stephentalla Filipino soldiers dying on the mud in fields circa 0cd9b82c 5f6a 48bb b84b cabdc1e99224 MALOLOS


by Luis G. Dato The town is quiet, the houses still, And the dark house of God, The heroes slumber up the hill, And in my heart, their blood. Again I see a gay procession, And men in bright attire,…

stephentalla As from a sleep profound A long time in strange gr 8592d3b8 d796 47bb 9c71 e1078822899a POWER OF THE DREAM


By Luis G. Dato As from a sleep profound,A long time in strange ground,I woke to find my soul,Young as when faint with thirstOf love I knew it first.Invincible and whole. And this was all so strange,This change – anulling…

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