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stephentalla A star she shines resplendent our scutcheon grand 38fcd8f2 607f 4db3 9f82 787db2385e19 CEBU SIDELIGHT


by Luis G. Dato We asked on debarkation; ”Where are the fair Indays,For which Visayan Islands to all the land are known?”The few we chanced upon were not hard upon the eyes,But not exactly hour is earth lend-leased from the…

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stephentalla Today we cross the barriers each changeless rural 4a799271 3a29 41fa b978 8429fdeb051e CEBU INTERSCHOLASTIC, 1954


by Luis G. Dato We come from Camarines, Masbate, SorsogonAlbay, Catanduanes, to form the Bikol band,With Mindanao, together with North and South Luzon,To join Eaşt-west Visayas in friendly feasts of brawn,With brothers widely scattered of one fair motherland. In fair…

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stephentalla hail philippine republic 1960s sampagitas ilang il 13187808 6c5e 4138 a3c7 eb6fb1731dfd HAIL, PHILIPPINE REPUBLIC!


by Luis G. Dato Hail, Philippine, O my dear native land,Where sampaguitas, ylang-ylang bloom,Let thy sweet music sound from every strand,Which knew for centuries the tyrant’s doom;As pearl of orient seas the bards have sungThy beauty rare, thy scenic charm…

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stephentalla The cool blue hills the brooks the whispering sea c9b2b999 1be3 41f0 be24 bdbe1b03a70a NAGA: IN RETROSPECT


by Luis G. Dato How like Elysium were the prewar times,When Freedom reigned and life seemed free from care,Then was our Naga gay, with houses filledHer nights turned day, her flowers suffused the air. Where’er went, turn wheresoe’er our eyesWere…

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