By Luis G. Dato

I dreamed that you did visit
My room where, ill all day,
I spent the hours weeping
For you who were away.

I dreamed that it was dawning,
A new and difficult day,
But you had come like heaven,
And with my sorrow lay.

I dreamed that it was summer,
And all the flowers were bright,
Your own I dreamed you brought me
The fairest in my sight.

I dreamed that all the roses
Were compressed in my room,
And all the pain had parted,
And grief, and all the gloom.

I dreamed that once, when morning
Was in Ermita’s eyes,
You came when I was dreaming,
And I wept in surprise.

I woke, and it was morning,
Ermita shone in light,
I woke and found you weeping
Beside my bed of night.

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