By Luis G. Dato

The kanda, comely tropic flower
In clusters yellow, red and white,
It gives with all unfathomed power.
An inexpressible delight.

Its glossy leaves, cool, spatulate,
Its trunk and branches neat
Give shade beside the sun-drenched gate
And respite for the way-worn feet.

Like Kanda blossoms gracious, still,
Your memory haunts my dreams by day,
And wander whereso’er I will
I sense you’re never far away.

But near, like burgeoning of flowers
In clusters yellow, white and red,
This Maytime through the summer hours,
And even should I join the dead.

The kanda soul is in your blood,
Your kanda soul my life shall hold,
From our same soil and selfsame wood
Its leaves and flowers with dreams enfold.

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