BESIDE A JEWESS’ COUCH (Translated from Baudelaire)

by Luis G. Dato

Upon a Jewess’ couch an evening once,
A ghost beseeming by the side of one
Thought wandered from that flesh whence soul had flown,
To one who might have on me brought romance.

And then her mien imperial rose to view,
Her glances bold with studied graces armed,
Her hair, whose cask of perfume passion warmed
Whose mere remembrance roused desire anew;

For I would have adored your beauty more,
From pulseless limb to soft light tresses even,
In your caresses finding pleasure’s care,
If for a day, two silent tears would rise,
O queen of cruelty to tears ungiven,
And moisten once your cold, marmoreal eyes.

Charles Baudelaire
Charles Baudelaire

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