By Luis G. Dato

O frosty stars of Christmas night,
Like candles in the sky they glow
And shed their never-changing light
As of two thousand years ago.

Two thousand years, two thousand years,
What ghastly greed, what bloody wars!
A heartless world of somber tears
Under the never-changing stars.

This Christmas night at them I peep
To see if still above the skies,
Upon a world where men must weep
They light their dreams to Paradise.

Ever they shine through rain and mist,
As merry bells of Christmas chime,
To light coy maidens to their tryst
And the delights of Christmas time.

O Christmas stars of frosty light,
You’ll shine from now two thousand years,
And light a world’s ne’er-changing night
Through somber wars to staunch its tears.

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