By Luis G. Dato

O! lovely girl, in our first meeting
I still can see your smile of greeting,
And the gardenia on your heart,
You gave me when we had to part.

Long since we should have met before,
That we did not I now deplore,
How happy would the days have passed,
And each first meeting ne’er the last.

O month of flowers, month of May,
I bless you since you showed the way,
To where the fair sweet charmer dwells
Whose face of love and kindness tells.

Month of music , and month of song,
In your dream bowers I dwell among,
In loveliness since first we met,
Which while I live I won’t forget.

Your eyes are pools of loveliness,
Your lips recall a flower’s caress,
Please ask your mirror on the wall,
If you are fairer far than all.

O! Baao skies are fair and blue,
But I would rather look at you,
And green her vales, her mountains high,
But for you rather would I sigh.

What pleasure ever shall I find,
Than have you in my arms entwined,
And to my heart what greater pain,
Until I see you soon again.

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