By Luis G. Dato

My goddess brown, so pure and sweet,
I kneel a pilgrim at your feet,
I love you, dear, strange it may seem
That to possess you I should dream.

But Mely dear, O bless my life,
Be more than just a second wife,
Give me your love, your heart so pure,
Be to my life my light, my cure.

I long for you each every day,
So near and yet so far away,
And restlessly I toss at night
When darkness robs me of your sight.

I often dream of your caress
Which soothes me in my loneliness,
Oh! bitter-sweet the break of day,
To wake and find you’re far away.

Your face to me a heaven is,
And like the rose your virginal kiss,
O Mely, tell me, shall it be
Love’s torment or love’s ecstasy?

Another dawn enshrines the east,
The sun’s communion, nature’s feast;
When shall we, too, be one in heart,
Never, O nevermore to part?

Dearly beloved; my life, my own,
I walk my way, athirst, alone,
Grant me to quaff your heart’s sweet wine,
Make me not human, but divine.

I o’er the cliffs of soul desire,
To you immaculate aspire,
My benediction be your love,
My chalice yours, not Heaven’s above.

I pant for love, be mine, be mine,
In this my endless quest divine,
Unveil to me your mystery,
O comfort me, O solace me.

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