A Quest of Pablo Laslo’s Book

After reading Lola Josefina’s article on “REMINISCENCES by a Dato Fan”, I pondered and asked myself, “Why was Pablo Laslo there?” I searched for him online looking for some continuity on the story. One book always comes up with every search that I did: German-English Anthology of Filipino Poets. It is, basically, a collection of Filipino poets and their works. Pablo Laslo was in Baao, Camarines Sur in the 1930’s (witnessed by Lola Josefina) for the reason that Luis G. Dato was one of the few Filipino poets to be included in the anthology that he would publish in 1934.

Fortunately, there is a copy of the book archived in the Ortigas Library Foundation. I emailed; and I requested for a peek (scanned copy) of the cover. Miss Celia C. Cruz, was very kind to furnish me a copy of the cover and the pages that has LGD’s works. Thank you Miss Celia.

English-German Anthology of Filipino Poets
English-German Anthology of Filipino Poets Day on the Farm
English-German Anthology of Filipino Poets Among the Hills The Spouse

It reads on the introduction:

Luis DATO: Born July 4,1906 at Naga, Camarines Sur. Winner of the poetry contest of the University of the Philippines 1925. Has been connected with the “Philippine Magazine” and several other newspapers. The only Filipino who up to now made a good English translation in rhymes of Dr. Jose Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios (Last Farewell) (1927)
Works Published: “Manila” Collection of Poems

The Translation of Mi Ultimo Adios has been the first work of LGD that I posted.

No Copyright infringement intended.

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