by Luis G. Dato

Knowledge is power, but what and how shall we
Explore in cosmos and its mystery?
What, where the Key the universe to learn,
The wisdom erudite true Christian yearn?

Knowledge is power, ’tis what the Scribes did say,
But grace were knowledge greater any day,
Sine we, oh, sine me, our Lord once said,
The quest were fruitless and our spirit dead.

True knowledge starts and ends in God’s command,
Know this if you the world would understand,
The God know Whom our Father to us gave
Then You know all, your souls as well you save.

That is, if you your sinful souls would save
(And these who would not, in their darkness rave),
God’s high commandments follow, ten all,
Else, how redeem to Heaven from the Fall?

Without Him vain the quest, the work of pride,
We only grope the walk not by His side.
Fear through the veil beyond the mystery
To which His hand alone has held the key.

Eyes, ours we have, but we see not nor hear,
We tread the earth but know not God is near,
It takes God’s hand to touch our blinded eyes,
For us to find terrestrial Paradise.

“I go about my Father’s happiness,” what be this
If not the soul’s salvation,Heaven’s bliss?
God walks on water, rides upon the wind,
These pass our senses five, our finite mind.

O shadow of St. Augustine by the shore,
No boundless ocean overwhelm thee more ! —
The face of God, the Holy Trinity
No mind grasps ever, only Faith in Thee!

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