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Luis G. Dato thoughts on life and death.

By a Tombstone by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato Your tears and sighs and loneliness conspireTo cast a shadow o’er this calm moonrise,As lone as you weep by wakeless tombs where liesSome being dearest to your heart’s desire,Your prayers soar to happy heavens higherWhere fines…

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END of the QUEST by Luis G. Dato


by Luis G. Dato I sought you always in the world’s wide places,In piers and places, the roaring street,Where the world’s pilgrims worn with aching feet,Seek as I sought you mid strange, unknown faces.Albeit I found you not, but only…

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plato's ship of state


by Luis G. Dato O chosen Helmsman of our Ship of State,With powerful hands and soul filled with light,Te steer the Nation to a happier fate,Toward the Victory long-deferred of Right –Today we cheer to see the overthrowOf evil power…

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HAPPY by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato A wood-thrush perches on a banana leaf.Breathing, living, resting, with one wing stretched;It has no thought to destroy, the configuration of itsIt does not know if a star in its travel peace,Pauses in its orbit, stands…

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Life by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato Alas that life should be a dreamCompared to the unending sun!Rose throbbing o’er the flowing streamToday, tomorrow senseless ground! Alas that we cannot but stayOnly as comes the ocean wind,A sigh we hear above the WayAnd…

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stephentalla With the dead shroud of past days to my face I fin 9147e1e0 47bf 4a73 a47c 51255e62fc36 THE PAST


by Luis G. Dato With the dead shroud of past days to my face,I find but solitude upon the way,With Memory’s light to guide my pen I traceThis, lest today forget its yesterday. As surely as the rose that we…

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