by Luis G. Dato

God, why is there so much of death,
Why have You wrought this vale of tears,
You who have power, goodness, breath
Of mercy, Space , and all the the years?

Our lives deny to us the light
Of happy days, and fill with gloom,
The days dawn but to turn to night,
The roads we tread end in the tomb.

Yet kindly death at least is rest,
There griefs, all pain and sorrows end,
Nature who folds us to her breast,
A sweetheart is, an unknown friend!

Yes , God? not this wild, nameless pain,
When love turns to forgetfulness,
Beside, I see not love again,
Night’s shade replaces her caress.

There was a time when Paradise
Love brought from Heaven in a kiss,
A song, a smile , glance of dark eyes,
Now on my way lies an abyss.

Give me, O God, my love again,
My rose of dawn through all the years,
But if my love be but vain,
God, give me death to staunch my tears.

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