by Luis G. Dato

Some think like Bertrand Russel, they deny
As at all possible that through vast space
Mary could join her loved One in the sky —
But who shall know God’s infinite light of Grace?

And few are like divine Hippolytus
Who saw in Mary incorruptible wood
And flesh most pure — how otherwise save us
If clothed not with the sun, with beatitude?

Lady of Heaven, Mother of God, this day
From the world’s vile contagion keep us pure,
Most blessed, to sinners mercy show, we pray,
That thus we may your gift of grace secure.

Mother divine, corruption of the grave
You could not have, who bore Him who was God,
But crowned in Heaven, mortals thus could save,
Triumphant in the ancient serpent’s feud.

Your body resurrection how could we
One moment doubt, if we in Jesus dwell?
You, too, partake of His infinity,
Eternity and deathlessness as well.

And thus man’s veneration had been hoary
In hecatomb, in court of emperor,
Mother of God, befitting you bright story —
Like dogma, cult come centuries before.

Mother of God, so full of grace, immure
Our hearts from the corrosion of dark doubt,
And with compassion Heaven to us secure,
Let not blind unbelief your light put out.

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