(with the collaboration of Taciano Rey)

Beside the Gulf of Lagonoy
Among the hillocks hidden
A hamlet greets the rising suns
Alike a view of Eden
And heaven is that charmed stand
Where woods and waves come blending
Abide a people in delight
That never knows as ending.

There is a hut upon that strand
Which sunbeams kiss each morning
And in the hut & maiden fair
That hidden realm adorning:
She seems an answer tomen’s prayer
Form heaven undenying
For she brings balm to wounded hearts
Reviving spirits dying.

On afternoons when down the hills
The weary sun falls fainting
Ere twilight shadows leave the sea
To etch an aureate painting
Then she would wander down the shore
With airy, fairy modem,
To gather white and sobbing shells
Forgotten by the ocean.

Beside the Gulf of Lagonoy
Against the sunlight gleaming,
A hamlet greets the passing dawn
A rose of earth beseeming,
But down the shore I wonder lone
Where woods and waves come blending,
And cry aloud against my pain
That never knows an ending.

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