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“One cannot write unless one has known satiety, debauchery, and the intimacy of desire, and can remember them “in moments of tranquility.”

— Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine in April 6, 1932

VIA MUNDI by Luis Dato


by Luis G. Dato Ride, ride the highways of the world away, And back again, with hearts that throb with life, Your grails seek out in the light of farthest day, In that consists the world’s incessant strife. Blue hills…

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ENNUI by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato I slept in the frenzy And delirium of men and their cities. Close by the streets and the cross-ways of traffic, Deep in the waste of houses Where multitudes unsmiling are homeless,’ Mouldered the hut of…

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Fisherman by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato A fisherman wades, knee-deep in the water, Feeling the stones at the bottom with his feet and his fork, Lighting his way with an oil-fed torch of bamboo. And the curtain of darkness behind him, And…

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Unsophistication by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato The stir of business relapses to silence With the slowly sinking sun. The revels of pleasure commence for the weary, But children peering in the deepening dusk From playmates and playthings the livelong day, Children in…

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TEARS by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato She felt alone In that garden unfrequented, Where the winds make moan For blossoms sweetly scented, Perfumed but far away. And as the sunset died, Lost the last long twilight ray, She felt so lone and…

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MIRAGE by Luis Dato


By Luis G. Dato I saw in dreams a landscape With not a shadow by, It seemed so like a promise Half-hidden in the sky. There were high hills and mountains In purple drest and green, Like shades and shapes…

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