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“Poetry lives on love, and love is nothing but the worship of woman.”

Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine, April 6, 1932

stephentalla Tis strange that in my last hour I should still Fa 805ef0e2 239f 4629 8e1d 3af6191ebca3 XXI


by Luis G. Dato ‘Tis strange that I should falter in this hour, As thus we stand in the last light of day, Strange that my lips refuse their word to say, As in your hands you crush a silk-blown…

stephentalla I ride beside you in the jolting bus And at the co 65d1f6fc e6aa 42b7 a5f5 edbcb9766fe0 CXV


I ride beside you in the jolting bus, And at the contact of your arm, your hand, Exhilaration surge beyond command And sweep o’er me, between the two of us, Above the hiss of traffic and the fuss O’er fare…

stephentalla On a sofa you sit beside me near Your picture smil 44c4d107 47d3 4a32 8aef 03641e977ce0 CXIV


by Luis G. Dato On a sofa, you sit beside me near, Your picture smiling from the sala wall. At last! and if your face I see at all, Beyond recall you rouse desire, I fear! Not that the world…

stephentalla How opportune that at such time you came Though no 35b4077c 08c7 4a55 a2c5 1f0413d4f797 CXIII


by Luis G. Dato Waiting for two to make a foursome game Beside the empty table by the wall, We look up when we see some neighbors call And from somewhere hear mention of your name, How opportune that at…

stephentalla Waiting for you I light a cigarette A pack in fact dca11f05 10d7 4fb6 9d00 54164c22f8b8 CXII


by Luis G. Dato Waiting for you, I light a cigarette, A pack, in fact, and all about the floor The ashes flip — this late you’ll come no more, Or maybe you’ll be late, you’ll not forget That here…

stephentalla brown goddess In the hot sun the low damp fields e 76ee2193 f525 48be 8a07 1c60a391fe56 CXI


by Luis G. Dato In the hot sun, the low, damp fields exude A warmth, a sultriness presaging rain. The wind no breath of life gives to the plain And the still branches of the somnolent wood, Earth’s a tremendous…

stephentalla How far into the matter have you gone O dear in th 9d2d1e78 8560 45eb 80fa a63736ce35eb CX


by Luis G. Dato How far into the matter have you gone, O dear, in the rapport to have with God? What thoughts crept of the ultimate abode, In your quiet moments in the night alone, What light of hope…

stephentalla Last night to a kinswomans wake we went The hous a04d9e1a b4e9 4e91 8b0d bf1ae891e719 CIX


by Luis G. Dato Last night to a kinswoman’s wake we went — The house threw o’er the street a garish glare, And as we climbed the lighted, well-worn stair I mused on life and death, what they all meant;…

stephentalla Ah no return mark this nor eer forget Our days are 0b9897d4 2fe4 44c0 a012 4ec60960d290 CVIII


by Luis G. Dato Ah, no return, mark this, nor e’er forget Our days are numbered, and each passing year Our paths on earth which we have found do dear Are that much shortened as the bright suns set; And…

stephentalla How quiet grow the grass and how tall Which I pass 4065ed5d cc31 42e7 93a5 bc47539fc3d2 CVII


by Luis G. Dato How quiet grow the grass and how tall Which I pass by along a lonely road, How sleep the dead in their last, sad abode, Enclosed by reeds, the ruined, grass-grown wall That all constrict the…

stephentalla The cemetery is the house of death By reeds surrou 24f745b6 c56c 42de 9769 2a9c69ee9aca CVI


by Luis G. Dato The cemetery is the house of death, By reeds surrounded and rank growth of grass, What dreary thoughts assail us as we pass, Unwanted come, like phantom Death, by stealth, Ephemeral on earth we drew our…

stephentalla How sad how sad the human pilgrimage How tragic O 246c647a 3525 471f b873 c87619b44d27 CV


by Luis G. Dato How sad, how sad the human pilgrimage, How tragic, O how tragic human fate! Our Book has taught us we are lords and great, God’s heir and Adam’s from the primal age; And yet we find…

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