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“Poetry lives on love, and love is nothing but the worship of woman.”

Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine, April 6, 1932

stephentalla My love my love the evening hills grow dark And th 8b3f4bdc ef82 4bc1 984d ed4fd426dbd9 XCII


by Luis G. Dato My love, my love, the evening hills grow dark, And the lush fields lie quiet in the night, Up in the sky there is no sudden flight Or song of nightingale or the blithe lark, To…

stephentalla I tread the stones you tread each day to school No b0572d54 569f 4b3b 8a30 7cf59a3b21e7 XCI


by Luis G. Dato I tread the stones you tread each day to school, Now when the road impassable has been To trucks that ply the town and coast between, Dotted with rut and furrow, stagnant pool. And I can…

stephentalla O rain dear rain it is falling everywhere Or so it 1ba31ce3 9442 4831 b2ec b00a53ecfd2b XC


by Luis G. Dato O rain, dear rain, ‘tis falling everywhere, Or so it seems, on field and hill and sea, The sky’s forbidding far as eye could see, The earth is sombre that erstwhile was fair, The hills that…

stephentalla And now the rain from Heaven silver spears Incessa 2010a9d1 be5e 4814 8a68 ae4d585e7d1a LXXXIX


by Luis G. Dato And now the rain — from Heaven silver spears Incessant fall the sad earth to subdue, The silent hills and mountains hide from view, In the horizon not one ray appears. Oppressive mien of mourning Nature…

stephentalla Above the palms I see now no bright star To flood cd95ba43 fb9d 45d0 859e ea408eac822f LXXXVIII


by Luis G. Dato Above the palms I see now no bright star To flood the vale with tremulous, affable light, With the white moon to turn to day the night, Earth’s dark paths to illumine from afar. The goddess…

stephentalla brown goddess Let it be now when anguish and desir d9e02020 9190 4f34 90f3 352344408c8b LXXXVII


by Luis G. Dato But how will I deprived of you, e’er see Fulfilled the promise of your Paradise? When will the wonder of your dark, bright eyes With tenderness and splendour look on me? When will the rapture and…

stephentalla brown goddess Of your kind love the sweetest most 780d9b59 736d 4387 97ef d7b20e26ddc1 LXXXVI


by Luis G. Dato O let it be as your heart shall desire. No words between us, not the barest sign Of your kind love, the sweetest, most divine That puts upon my breast a sword of fire And wings…

stephentalla brown goddess Of your kind love the sweetest most 7cf2952c 7e04 47b4 8b29 05305a2f1af4 LXXXV


by Luis G. Dato But why the mien indifferent, the frost That chills the observant eye first hour of day. That takes you and your thoughts so far away Into the land, the bourne of memories lost? In then the…

stephentalla brown goddess Of your kind love the sweetest most 00637419 1708 4e4f 99a1 70105d08d2bf LXXXIV


by Luis G. Dato And now I meet you coming from the church — What sudden change, what difference in mien From the last time that you my eyes had seen! How cruelly you leave me in the lurch, How…

stephentalla But Magdalene a magic armor woreAnd from her fall a709917f c09f 4a25 b1f2 80b150a540f1 LXXXIII


by Luis G. Dato Like Magdalene, that lovely, mundane heart who sinned, yet in her sinful heart had room, In all her sin and orgy worth her doom, For Jesus from whose feet she did not part. To her, a…

stephentalla filipina goddess The church bells ring we must our a62034a2 1c75 40e6 95f3 4d4b5e5fec04 LXXXII


by Luis G. Dato The church bells ring, we must our prayers say, And go to mass to cleanse our thoughts impure, Awake and dress, implore Him for a cure, The magic sign that Satan keeps away. Let us with…

stephentalla brown goddess Nor youth stand still and time is tr e81e750e 6104 44c4 aa5d 1b6ee956c804 LXXXI


by Luis G. Dato Come, dear, the bells have rung for early mass, And now awake, for you’ll perhaps be late, Too long a time to dress I cannot wait, The altar’s lighted, golden minutes pass. The old and young,…

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