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“Poetry lives on love, and love is nothing but the worship of woman.”

Luis G. Dato, Philippines Herald Mid-week Magazine, April 6, 1932

stephentalla This early mass we shall be married dear I kneel f a2ca0143 c9a5 4d0b 9ae8 e41e9321cd33 LXX


by Luis G. Dato This early mass we shall be married, dear, I kneel for the offertory, I will for you as you kneel down with me, Our love to God’s bright altar bring so near. And God our sacred…

stephentalla leave your bed warmed by your maiden dreams All ni 86848bae c1e0 4f6d acaf 26abf92c7ce5 LXIX


by Luis G. Dato Ah, leave your bed warmed by your maiden dreams, All night the crickets have with hisses filled The sleeping meadows, each damp, swampy field, The dead of night with dusk and fragrance teems. The world is…

stephentalla brown goddess O be to me my temple of desire In wh e4a63d9c c0db 47a9 9853 cc5964a63880 LXVIII


by Luis G. Dato O be to me my temple of desire In which each day I’ll lay white jazmine roses, My shrine of leaves whose warmth your form encloses, To which to you my thoughts in prayer aspire. O…

stephentalla brown goddess make more bearable my hapless plight eeefd271 d106 496e 8275 7421333b44c2 LXVII


by Luis G. Dato Ah, make more bearable my hapless plight, Give me one smile, of love one furtive glance, And in jam sessions just one transient dance To make less dark the all-pervading night, Into which I am plunged…

stephentalla brown goddess make more bearable my hapless plight b9e39f53 ee03 4842 8963 1f05dc7777a0 LXVI


by Luis G. Dato To me God gave you as my destiny, The end, the essence, substance of my life, Your fate it is to be my bride, my wife, As to the setting sun the twilight sea. And you…

stephentalla What do you fear O love that you deny Your hearts 3ebf3f82 a2f6 4bee a7ca 75570dd8ba6d LXV


by Luis G. Dato What do you fear, O love, that you deny Your heart’s dear Paradise to this your slave, Why can’t you give that which ‘twere sin to have Ungiven, and for which all nights I sigh? Why…

stephentalla dog napping on the lap of lady owner surreal 82d21c58 9ee9 4d74 be0b c76dcc33ef26 LXIV


by Luis G. Dato Would I were born not human, but a dog, I could then up and down mount your dear stair, Loll on your floor, or cuddle in your chair, And by your side at noons sleep like…

stephentalla iT is said that love is blind but not its eyes Sin 353c5f23 5822 4c42 958a 4ee346e6262c LXIII


by Luis G. Dato “Tis said that love is blind — but not its eyes, Since sight of beauty all induces it, Nor call love so because for want of wit, Hell it confuses with its Paradise. Call not love…

stephentalla sitting beside to a girl on a bus ride realistic c a17a5799 393f 4f35 816f 6aea7482bc43 LXII


by Luis G. Dato Sitting behind you in the bus today, My mind and heart declare themselves at war, The one pursues a distant, other star, The other, you, and seeks not far to stray. Thus I meet hindrance as…

stephentalla brown goddess You know that Shakespeare wrote immo c4f5f0dc 9f71 49ec 8f60 cc21dff3330e LXI


by Luis G. Dato You know that Shakespeare wrote immortal verse, A hundred sonnets fifty-four it was, Well, I for you his record will surpass In this attempt my faint lyre to rehearse In flight melodious albeit not as terse.…

stephentalla brown goddess call it foolishness a dotards whim S 0e417ec7 1b0a 4e98 b44d a8a5aa84a4dd LX


by Luis G. Dato Ah, call it foolishness, a dotard’s whim, Some lunar fancy of one getting old, Deem it base metal and not burnished gold, Or paroxysm of the mind grown dim. True, ‘tis beyond our depth, well past…

stephentalla brown goddess My love is deep O deeper than the se cf94f5a6 7639 41ce 9991 3cf0081cae5c LIX


by Luis G. Dato My love is deep, O deeper than the sea Whose mystery will wash upon your shore, Its breakers burst on your heart evermore, Until they rest in you eternally. My sea in poignant, wandering reverie Shall…

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